Success. Patient Stories

This is how your donations help... for every tonne of clothing we collect, we donate a minimum of £105 to The Air Ambulance Service.

Below is why they fly, each day this incredible charity is saving lives.

Andre Oliveira

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Mick’s Story

Retired lorry driver Mick Tennant sends his daughters a text message every Valentine’s Day to tell them how much he loves them.

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Jane’s Story

Professional musician Jane Gaskell was found lying face down and unconscious in the water during a diving training course.

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Oliver’s Story

Like any teenage boy, Ollie has a healthy appetite. One day in summer 2016, he grabbed a few cookies before leaving for school, only to feel unwell when he got there. He was sent home with a presumed tummy bug.

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Angie’s Story

Mum-of-two Angie Crompton was on her way to pick up her husband Paul when her life was changed forever by a horrific crash.

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Emma’s Story

Emma was driving down a country lane when she was involved in a horrific collision. Emma’s car, a small Ford Ka, collided head on with the supermarket delivery van.

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Emily’s Story

In September 2015 Emily was on a school trip with her friends when she fell from some rocks. Emily had broken her right hip and was in immense pain.

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Jason's Story

Grand National Jockey Winner Jason Maguire pledged his support for The Air Ambulance Service’s Pain Relief Appeal five months after the charity helped save his life. The jockey, who rode Ballabriggs to victory at the 2011 Grand National, agreed to become patron of The Air Ambulance Service.

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Michael’s Story

Micheal was out enjoying his favourite hobby when he was hit by car. His injuries could have potentially ended his dreams of football stardom.

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Patrick’s Story

Patrick was in bed when his heart stopped early one Friday morning. His partner, Yvonne, took swift action to save his life.

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Anthony’s Story

It was a normal Saturday morning for Tony, when his world was turned upside down by a medical emergency.

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Daisy’s Story

It’s every parent’s nightmare. Daisy Rughoobeer, just seven years old, was on her way downstairs when she suddenly lost her footing and slipped, falling the rest of the way and hitting her head on the corner of a wooden radiator cover.

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Jess’ Story

Jess and her family had been on their way home from a christening when the unthinkable happened. Unexpectedly, Jess ran out into the road – straight into oncoming traffic.

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Guy’s Story

Just a year after Guy’s accident, he ran the London Marathon in honour of the people who rescued and cared for him. He completed the run in just 5 hrs 6 minutes.

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Annabelle’s Story

One Friday afternoon, Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance flew to the rescue of 10 year old Annabelle Orrit. As Annabelle walked home from school with her friends, she was involved in a terrible accident.

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Abbi’s Story

On Sunday 26th May 2013 we received a call to say a little girl had been seriously injured – six minutes later we were in the helicopter and en-route to the scene.

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Jess And Keith’s Story

Jess and Keith Wheatley have supported the air ambulance for many years, never thinking that one day they would need us.

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Kieren’s Story

A cycling accident left 14 year old Kieren Brown with multiple life-threatening injuries – but he’s now a fundraising hero.

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Ross’ Story

When serious injury strikes, every second counts. This is Ross’ story.

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Ben’s Story

An ordinary day at the office ended with Ben Linnett fighting for his life.

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Simon's. Story

Print manager Simon Glover is known as “the miracle man” to his friends and family

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